Paranoma Activity

Parent Teacher's Association

The Parent 'Association of our college met the parent of F.Y.J.C , T.Y Student on sat.28th july and 4th Aug.2012.
The Parents response was over-whelming as about 100 parents from F.Y and 75 parents from S.Y,T.Y participated in the meetings.The parents werw updated about the changes in the examination system (credit and granding system ) having 40 marks internal,comprising of class test,project,assignments etc and 60 marks semester exam.
The purpose of this change is to eveluate the students regularly and to make them work independently or projects and assignments.
The parents were also requested to see that their wards attend college and lectures regularly,as regularity in attending lectures would help them to obtain good results. The parents welcomed the change and were enthusiastic in offering suggestions and putting forth their queries,opinion to the PTA committee members.
A lecture on career counselling was also held on 4th August,2012 

Book Bank

The College Book Bank Conuxittee is functioning very successfully. 22 students of F.Y.Bom and 25 Students f S.Y.Bcom were given text books in all Subjects. We had purchased some new books due to changes in the syllabus. We are planning to by new books in all subjects next year as the whole Examination pattern is converted into Semester System.

This committee is helping the deserving students. We look forward to benefit more number of students in the future. Chairman - Mrs. Mamta G.Balwanti Member - Mrs. Nimmi Menon

Women Developement Cell Community Developement Cell

Following activities were conducted during this academic year.

  • Haldi Kum Kum Ceremony was held in January on the occasion of Sankranti for the ladies of neighbouring chawls. Til Gud was exchanged. Rangoli Competition was conducted for the ladies. Drawing Competition was held for the under privileged kids.
  • Prizes and certificates were distributed followed by refreshments.
  • Dr. Unnati Shah was invited to create awareness of health and hygiene among the women. She also discussed about various gynaec problems.
  • Ms. Ashatai Kulkarni gave a guest lecture on "Combating Sexual Harassment" For Girl Students.
  • Dr. Mrs. Hathi was invited and she discussed about 'Maternal and infact care.'
  • Free computer training is given to the deprived children.
  • Our college is contiuously giving assistance to under privileged people who reside in the neighbouring areas. Free Medical facilities are also provided.

Dr. Shyam Agarwal an Eye Surgeon is associated with this programme.

National Cadet Corps.

Degree College

College has made remarkable progress in National Cadet Corps. (N.C.C.) During academicyear 2012-2013.

During the year. 13 Boys and 4 Girls enrolled for N.C.C. Training attended in the following units.

  • Ismail Yusuf College, Jogeshwari (East).
  • V.P. Varde College of Commerce and Economics, Goregaon (West)
  • Kandivali Education Socity, Kandivali (West)
  • Mithibai College, Vileparle (West).

On 17th Des' 2012 Ms Afsar Faruqui os ismail Yusuf College, Jogeshwari addressed our students at the college and  guided them about them benefits of joining N.C.C. Her powerpoint presentation motivated students to enroll for N.C.C.

Out of Seventeen students, Ten students participated in camps organised by N.C.C.units. College is proud that following students have bagged prizes as under.

  • Cdt. Ankit Navjekar F.Y.B.COM. (A) Division was awarded Bronze Medal at Mumbai level competition in Shooting   competition.
  • Cdt. Soni Binagorni got Special achievement award at pune camp for JGC camp/Thal sainic camp. She participated at various camps at West Bengal and Nashik. She bagged 3rd prize in KUMTE at "ASHVA MAHOTSAV" at J.M. Patel college of Commerce , Goregaon.

Eight N.C.C. Students have successfully completed 120 hrs in the academic Year and were awarded 10 marks as per University norms.

The college conducts various SSports activities. At the college level, Competitions such as Box Cricket, Badmintion And Cheess were inter collegiate level. Along with various indoor & outdoor games, the college also conducts a Sports Day every year. This academic Year, the college organized the 'Sports Day ' on January, 2013 at prabodhan conducted. Our students also participeted is game such as Cticket, Box cricket, chess, Carrom, Table  Tennis, Volley Ball, Boxing and Body Building at Kreeda Bhavan, Goregaon (West), Mumbai. studants belonging to junior college, Degree College and Professional Courses participatedin various events with great enthusiasm and in large numbers.

Inter Collegiate Carrom Competition

The College , in association with the University of Mumbai Organized an inter collegiate Carrom Compatition in the college on 30th jan and 1st Feb, 2013. this event was conductedas par the international Carrom Fedaration (ICF) Norms.

Mr. Kendre, Director of Physical Education & Sports, Mumbai University inauguarated the competition. Over 300 students from 75 colleges participated in the event. The competition was a huge success.

Resort of N.S.S. activities

In 2012-3-2013, in the total enrolment of N.S.S. Volunteers in our college was 100 with1 N.S.S.Unit. It was successfully conducted many activities in different areas with the active oarticipation of the N.S.S Volunteers. A descriptive report of these activities is as follows:

  • Blood Donation Rally :

          On 23-07-2012, the N.S.S. Volunteers Of our college conducted  a blood donation rally in the Rajanpada premises of Malad (W) to strees the importance of blood donation.

          On 25-07-2011, t

  • Vandemataram Foundation  Visit :

he N.S.S. leaders of our college visited the "Vandemataram Foundation" to collect details about the programme on street play.

  • Sale of Rakhis :

          On 30-07-2012, our N.S.S. Students sold the rskhis prepared by the disabled children of "Kakoomal & Keslibai Vocational Rehabilitation Centre of Male and Female " on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

  • Friendship Day :

           On 06-08-2012, Friendship Day celebration were held in the college premises with the active participation of our students. The students from different backgrounds and communities exchanged their views.

  • Peace Rally :

          On  06-08-2012, our N.S.S. Volunteers participated in the Peace Rally from Azed Maidan, V.T. to Hutatma Chowk in the memory of the day on which Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atom bombed. The rally was organised by Sarvodaya Mandal to spread the message of "Yes to Peace, No to War."

  • Blood Donation Awareness Programme :

          On 07-08-2012 and 14-08-2012, Blood Donation Awareness Programmewas conducted in the college premises by the N.S.S. voluntrees of the college.

  • Independence Day Celebrations :

          On 15-08-2012, on the occasion of Independence Day, various activities were conducted. A large number of students participated in the same. A Feeling of patriotism was created and flag hoisting was done.

  • Leadership Training Camp :

          Two N.S.S. students volunteers participated in the seven days Leadership Training Camp held at Manori from 16-08-2012.

  • Street Play :

          On 25-08-2012, the  N.S.S. volunteers performed a street play at the Vandemataram Foundation.

  • Mega Monsoon Marathon :

          On 26-08-2012, N.S.S. Volunteers Participated in the Mega Monsoon Marath on Organized by the Shankar Narayan College of Arts, Commerce nad Self Finance Courses to create awareness on Global Warming.

  • Blood Donation Awareness Programme :

          On 28-08-2012, the N.S.S. Volunteers of our college talked to the people of Rajanpada premises to make them aware of the importance of blood donation.

  • Anti-Dowry Awareness Programme :

          On 29-08-2012, a lecture was Organized as a part of creating awareness on Anti-Dowry in the college premises. The lecture by Asha Kulkarni was highly educative and many students attended the Programm.

  • Youth Day Celebrations :

          On 31-08-2012, Youth Day was Celebrated in the College in which N.S.S. Volunteers participated.

  • Civil Defence Camp :

          A Civil Defence Camp was Organized from 03-09-2012 to 13-09-2012 in which many N.S.S. Volunteers Participated.

  • Teachers Day :

          On 05-09-2012 , Teachers Day celebrations wereconducted for the college with the participation of a huge number of N.S.S. Volunteers.

  • Malaria Awareness Programme :

          Malaria Awareness Programme was Organized by N.S.S. Student volunteers on 7/9, 14/9, 21/9, 28/9 & 5/10.

  • Hindi Diwas celebrations :

         On 17-09-2012, Hindi Diwas celebrated in the college in which Hindi elocution competition was held. It was a great success with many number of students participating in the Programm.

  • Ganesh Visarjan :

         On 28-09-2012, Twenty Six Volunteers Participated in the duty for Ganesh immersion in the area of Malad Police Station, assisting the Traffic Police to control the traffic in the area.

  • Awareness Programme on Palliative Care :

          On 13-10-2012 N.S.S. Volunteers attended an Awareness Programme on world Hospice and Palliative Care Organised by the Department of Palliative Medicine, Tata Memorial Hospital.

  • Beach Clean up Drive :

          On 25-10-2012, Beach Clean up draive was taken up by ou students and N.S.S. Volunteers at Juhu Beach.

  • AIDS Awareness Programme :

          On 21-11-2012, an AIDS Awareness rally was conducted by the N.S.S. Volunteers of the college to spread Awarenessabout the disease of AIDS.

  • Anti-terrorist Awareness Programme :

          On 26-11-2012, an Anti-terrorist Awareness Programme was held in the college premises in which many N.S.S. volunteers actively participated.

  • AIDS Awareness Programme :

          On 28-11-2012, AIDS Awareness Programme Was organized by the N.S.S. Unit of the college spread the Awareness about AIDS.

  • Rally for the Disabled :

         On 03-12-12, N.S.S. Volunteers pariticipated in a rally organized by the punarvas Centre for the Disabled on the occasion of National Day for the Disabled


  • AIDS Awareness Campaign :

          On 05-12-2012, an AIDS Awareness Campaign was conducted by our N.S.S. Volunteers in the Rajanpada premises at Malad (W) which was attended by other non-N.S.S. Students.

  • AIDS Awareness Workshop :

          On 14-12-2012 & 15-12-2012, Five N.S.S. Volunteers actively participated in AIDS Awareness Workshop conducted in Patel College of Arts & Commerce, Goregaon.

  • Poster Making Competition :

          On 18-12-2012, the N.S.S. unit of our college conducted a poster-making competition on 'Save a Girl Child.' The event Was highly successful with the active participation of many students and N.S.S. Volunteers.

  • Yuva Diwas Celebrations :

          On 12-01-2013, the N.S.S. Volunteers of our college attended the one day Yuva Diwas celebrations conducted at Kalina Campus, University of Mumbai.

  • Disaster Management Training :

          A two days' training camp on Disaster Management was organized by the N.S.S. unit of our college in the college premises on 16-01-2013. The camp was highly successful with the active participation of N.S.S. volunteers and other non-N.S.S. students.

  • Paper Bag Making Project :

          The N.S.S. Unit of our college undertook the paper bag making project from 21-01-2013 to 24-01-2013. Around 500 paper bags were made by the N.S.S. volunteers and the same were distributed to shops and street vendors.

  •  Electricity Saving Project :

           Large number of N.S.S. Volunteers participated in this project.

  • Special Camp :

           The N.S.S. Unit of our college has successfully conducted a 7 days Special Camp at the Kalina Campus, University of Mumbai from 29th January 2013 to 04th February 2013.

Cultural Dept. Degree Section

In-charge Prof. : Mrs.Premlata Singhi (EVS Dept.) Dr. Nikhil Kothari (Commerce Dept.) Throught the various activities of cultural Dept. of degree Section of Mittal College, students are constantly motivated and encouraged to participate in various curricular co-curricular activities of college and inter-college Activities of Mumbai region. This type of activities goes a long way in enhancing their personalities and confidence. Throughtout the year following activities were conducted with great enthusiasm.



Celebration of Costumes & Colours




Multi Colour Day

 Fresher's Day with Eclairs



Green Day

Card making & Guru Poornima



 Kurta Day

Guru Poornima Celebration



 Black & White Day

Hand Writing competition



 Pink & Blue Day

Tiffin exchange day with friends



 Green & Red Popat Day

Mehandi Competition & T- shirt Painting



Black & White Taxi Day

Nail Art & Hair style



 Multi Colour Day

Rangoli competition



 Mis-match Day

Mittal Hunt



 Red & white chocolate Day

Friendship Day






 Saree & Tie Day

Teachers Day



 Khadi Kurta Day

Hindi Diwas Day



 Exchanging Gifts

Advent Gift Day



 Annual Programme

Mittal Jhankar Inter Collegiate programme two day Annual programme


 Fun & Fair Day

For maximum sale prize



 Traditional Day costumes

Til-gud Day



Prize Distribution Day & Farewell party to T.Y.B.COM. Students.

Mittal Green Club : Environmental Activities

In-charge Prof. Mrs. Premlata Singhi (EVS Dept.) Degree Section :

Our Earth being the only living planet, should remain sustainable and live in future. The increasing awareness regarding Man-environment relationship and realization about the effect of human induced changes has made it necessary that all of us who live on this planet should understand the importance of eco-systems.

In our college , we have Mittal Green Club organizing various activities of environmental awareness so that this young generation future. We work in association with WWE (World wide Fund for Nature) an international organization located at Fort (South Mumbai City.)

The environmental programmes, we conducted through out of the year are :



 Environmentalrelated Events



 Card making on environmental Issues



 One day Lonawala-Kerla caves study Trip questionnaires primary data collected.



Training taken by four students at Elphiston college given by W.W.F for making Eco friendly Ganpati.



Eco friendly Ganpati Trainingto our students



Beach cleaning activity on post Dassara Day (more than 95 students of FY & S.Y.B.Com.) on juhu Beach.



Environmental Act on Teachers' Day and in F.Y. Classes "Duniya Sunder Hai, Sunder he Rahne Do" By Ravindra & Group F.Y.B.Com. & water conservation Act in Marathi by Sonali Group.



Best out of waste competition at college level.



Bird watching at Chotakashmir with association W.W.F. (Twenty Students) of F.Y. & S.Y. Participated ) with Gauri Madan & Siinghi Madam                                



Elephanta Caves study trip as Assignment of F.Y. Students(


 20/02/2013 to


For Degree College

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  • Declaration of Results 2013-14 Re-Admissions & Payment of Fees 2014-15