Principal's Desk

Once there was group of men, a strong and hot-blooded young man and several old folks, whose job was to cut wood in a jungle. This young man was hard working and continued to work, through his break time. He also complained that his colleagues were wasting time, taking break a few times a day to relax and chat.
The first day, the young woodcutter managed to cut fifteen trees."Congratulations" the boss said, "Carry on the good work!" Highly motivated by the words of his boss, the woodcutter tried harder the next day, but he could cut only ten trees. The third day, he tried even harder, but he was able to cut only seven trees. Day after day, he was bringing less and less trees.
As the days passed by, this young man noticed that, even though he was younger and also worked through break time and hardly took a rest he was not able to do better than his colleagues. So he decided to work harder the next day, unfortunately the results were even worse."I must be losing my strength," the young woodcutter thought.
One day, one of his co-workers invited him for a chat during their break time. The young man refused and said that he had no extra time to spend! Then the old man smiled and said, it was just a waste of effort to keep cutting trees without re-sharpening his Axe. Sooner or later he will give up or be completely exhausted as he had spent too much energy.
Suddenly the young man realized that, actually during break times while those people were having a chat, they were also re-sharpening their Axes! And that's how they could cut faster than him and even spend lesser time while doing so! His colleague pointed out to him that, efficiency can be attained only by making use of one's skill and ability intelligently. And by doing so, one can also have more time to do other things. "Otherwise you will always keep saying.... I have no time!"
Students, the above story holds an important lesson for all of us. Many a times, we keep working at something in a mechanical way and wonder why it is not giving us the desired results. We keep cursing our fate and blaming our luck, but we forget that, man is not a machine and cannot work continuously without taking break. One needs to replenish one's energy to be effective. And that can come only when we take a break and taking a break does not mean stopping work but to rest and re-think our strategy to go about it from another angle. Sharpening our skills from time to time is the key to success.
I have often come across students who seems to be very hard working, they attend all the lectures, seem to be paying full attention in the class but when the exam result are declared, they are never among the top. In fact, they are barely able to scrape through. And this is largely due to approaching studies in a repetitive manner which defeats the very purpose of Education, which as Albert Einstein has said, is not learning of the facts but the training of mind to think.
Educational institutions provide students with ample opportunities to take breaks and sharpen one's skills. Colleges not only conduct classes to impart textual learning but also arrange various activities to hone the talent and skills of the students. It is important for students to take advantage of all the programmes and events organized by the college, get involved in them and add to their life skills.
Lastly, whatever work you choose to do in life, make sure you do it with passion or not at all. What I know is that if you do the work that you love, and the work fulfils you, the rest will follow. But above all, be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you have always imagined.
And it is my sincere wish that, all of you, my dear students, make the most of your time spent in the college by acquiring education in its true sense.

Dr. (Ms.) Suhasini B. Arya